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Many companies are now seeing the benefits of fleet driver training!

Can you afford not to train your drivers in the most eco friendly and efficient driving techniques? Enjoy higher profits with reduced fuel and servicing costs with defensive driver training and Advanced driver coaching to keep your drivers safe and promote you company with the best professional image from your work place drivers


  • Less days lost to injury
  • Fewer repairs to vehicles
  • Insurance reductions
  • Fewer missed orders
  • Reduced running cost

Fleet Driving courses can be Bespoke to your own company needs such as vehicle security and loading as required

Are your employees putting you at risk from prosecution.....A company car driver banned for a total of 16 years was identified to his employer following licence checks undertaken on behalf of fleet supplier....Licence checking is all part of the service!

Areas covered Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire Training will be at your own site

Also we can supply Company Car Log Books designed to run alongside your company's driver policy as a weekly check of your fleet vehicle's to ensure you have full vehicle fleet management


It has been estimated that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time.

This may account for over 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week.

Driving at work

HSE Publication - Driving at work

HSE Publication "Driving at work"  Opens in new window

Employers have responsibility under Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to ensure so far as reasonably practicable the health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their work activities.You also have a responsibility to ensure that others are not put at risk by your work-related driving activitie (Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999)

This includes the activity of driving on public roads.

Please click on the link to the HSE "Driving at Work, Managing work-related road safety" Publication

We will help you as a company to identify risks in working practices, as well as helping your employees to identify risk factors in their own driving.

Once risks have been identified, we can help you to reduce or eliminate them completely.

A written report will be giving at the end of the training to keep in your employees risk assessments.

There is a strong business case for managing work-related road safety.

Reduce the risk of a Corporate Manslaughter Charge

Post Collision/ Accident Training

We can meet your drivers after a collision to discuss the event and together develop a coping strategy so put in the same situation again, how they would deal with it differently?

Discussion after a collision can also help rebuild confidence, and enable them to return to work able to cope with the demands of the job

Grey Fleet

Grey fleet is a term used for employees who drive as part of their work but use thier own car.

These drivers unfortunately repesent a bigger risk to your company,As an employer you have a duty to ensure your grey fleet drivers have a current driving license, suitable insurance and an MOT also an assessment of their driving and training will be needed . Without this you may be wholly liable in the event of an accident.

Failure to manage these risks could be disastrous in the event of accident,injury or death

We offer driver assessments and fleet driver training so you can comply with Health and Safety Law requirements.


SAFED Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving


Introduction to the Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) course

SAFED for Vans has been designed as a single course aimed at improving the safe and fuel efficient driving techniques of LCV drivers .SAFED training has been developed specifically to enable both fleet operators and training providers to implement driver training within the LCV industry.

Ideally, training should be performed in a driver’s usual vehicle. If this is not possible, the training provider should arrange for a similar vehicle Some drivers will benefit from training in a laden vehicle, but this is not essential.

There were approximately 6,897 casualties in LCV road accidents, including 765 killed or seriously injured. In addition 58 billion km is commensurate with approximately 5 billion liters of fuel used. With around 2.5 million vans being used in the UK this relates to an average of 23,160 kms or 14,391 miles per vehicle per year.

The LCV driver is initially assessed by a qualified trainer. Training on best practice in safe and fuel efficient driving techniques is then given. The driver is then reassessed to record improvements in driving technique and where possible actual fuel consumption. The driver is also assessed on performance in safety check and knowledge test exercises as well as the number of faults recorded during the day’s practical driving sessions.

Successful drivers receive a certificate of achievement.

Safer driving means:

  • Less injuries and fatalities on our roads
  • Less accident damage to vehicles
  • Less unproductive downtime for vehicle repair
  • The potential for reduced insurance premiums

Fuel efficiency means:

  • Lower costs
  • Improved profit margins
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved environmental performance

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and costs.