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A N Baldry School of Motoring provides Driving Lessons and Fleet Driver Training in Ipswich, Needham Market, Stowmarket,Debenham and Bury St Edmunds.

As a DVSA Approved Instructor, Registered Fleet Driver Trainer and SAFED for VANS Instructor I will provide you with the best training tailored to your needs and abilities..

I have a vast amount of experience covering over 22 years of driver training from learners through to advanced driver training.

I have been awarded a Grade A  the highest grade possible.

Adrian Baldry also has been awarded a RoSPA GOLD certificate in advanced driving.

Our highly professional tuition will provide you with all the knowledge, help and encouragement you will need to pass your theory and practical driving tests, and the skills to help you survive on the road when you're out there on your own!

We structure each lesson to the client's needs, using modern coaching techniques and client centred learning.

DVLA will no longer issue the Licence Counterpart

The DVLA no longer issues the licence counterpart, to allow your instructor/trainer to view your details you will need to share your licence details so your entitlement and endorsements can be checked. Please click on the link to log into the DVLA site, enter your details and then choose the share option to generate a one off pin code, with this and the last 8 digits of your driver number we can check your entitlement to drive.


Warning! don't get ripped off when booking your driving test

Click this link to take you to the official DSA website to ensure you don't pay third party booking fees.


We are the ideal choice for:

  • Professional driving lessons. We have an excellent pass rate and are one of the top driving schools in the area
  • Pass Plus, So you have tuition in all environments
  • Driving theory test & Hazard Perception study
  • Intensive (Crash) Courses for those who need their driving licence as soon as possible!
  • Door to door service! Your Driving Tuition can start from your work, college or school and finish back at home - or from home to go where you need to be, to help fit your lesson around your busy day.
  • Show Me/Tell Me All the training you need to pass the car maintenance questions asked by the examiners.
  • Extended Driving Test Training for drivers who need to pass an extended driving test after a period of disqualification.
  • Taxi Driver Tests Training for any person wishing to drive a licensed Hackney carriage or private vehicle. Tuition will be given to be able to pass the DSA Taxi Test. This includes the "Taxi Manoeuvre" and the "Cabology questions". Areas covered are for drivers wishing to operate in the Bury St Edmunds, Mid Suffolk and Ipswich Licensing Authorities
  • REFRESHER COURSES / DRIVER DEVELOPMENTNot driven for a while? Partner not able to drive any longer? Been involved in an accident? Get your confidence back with training suited to your own needs.
  • B+E Car and trailer Towing Passed your test after 1997? If so then you will need to pass another test to tow trailers or caravans over a certain weight. Have trailer towing entitlement on your licence but would like some coaching or more experience? For more information regarding trailer towing please call or e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible
  • Skid Pan Experience
  • Advanced Driver Training
  • Motorway Driving
  • Fleet Driver Training
  • SAFED for VANS
  • Fuel Efficiency Training
Driving Lesson Price list
Driving lesson Per hour £26
Number of hours
Block Booking (Ten Hours) £250
Block Booking (Twenty Hours) £480
Intensive (Crash Course) POD
Pass plus (6 Hours) £156
Advanced Driver Training £80
Fleet Driver Training (Half Day) £80
Fleet Driver Training (Whole Day) £150
Smart eco Driving £30

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Increase your MPG with techniques and training in the most effective fuel saving driving.

We can show your drivers how to drive their modern engined vehicle the most effective way possible without any loss in speed.


Ecodriving is a term used to describe energy efficient use of vehicles. It is a great and easy way to reduce fuel consumption from road transport so that less fuel is used to travel the same distance.

In the last decades, engine technology and performance of cars has improved rapidly, while most drivers have not adapted their driving style. Ecodriving represents a driving culture which suits modern engines and makes best use of advanced vehicle technologies. Ecodriving offers numerous benefits, including GHG emissions reductions, fuel cost savings, as well as greater safety and comfort.

There are many smart and safe driving techniques which can lead to significant fuel saving possibilities. Below you will find the Golden and Silver Rules of Ecodriving, which were defined by the ECOWILL consortium and several external experts in 2011. These rules include additional explanations which are directed at professionals.

However, please keep in mind that Ecodriving cannot be learned properly when drivers just try to follow some tips listed, but in order to achieve considerable effects, drivers should also attend an Ecodriving training given by a qualified driving instructor. Such training may consist of a theoretical part but also include practical driving on public roads.

Adrian Baldry is a EcoWill approved trainer. Watch my video on the Fleet Driver Training page to see how to improve your MPG.

Your Practical Test will include a 20 minute section of independent driving

During your test you’ll have to drive independently by either following.

  • A series of directions
  • traffic signs or a Satnav


Blue Light Aware is a short video, produced on behalf of the emergency services. Their crews rely on the help of other road users when they're on a 'blue light' journey.

Winter Driving Techniques